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Mobile app development is a unique process of developing applications that have an excellent user interface, light weight codebase and offer stable data services in the back-end whenever needed. This unique blend leads to a quality and reliable App. But with the exponentially growing market of mobile apps, having just a quality and reliable product doesn't always suffice. The other major component required to have a successful app is smart marketing with right tools and strategy.

We at Quartus Technology provide this unique combination of Quality App Development followed by the necessary marketing and advertising required to make your app truly successful in this continuously growing marketplace.

Our Core strength lies in Mobile App Development. We were one of the few early adapters of Mobile Application Development, and we have extensive amount of experience in this business. We provide you with cutting edge services with our unique and successful development methodology. We develop Apps for the following mobile platforms


As a value add to our clients, we have outstanding artists and User Interface (UI) developers who have been trained in Mobile App Designing and conform to all the design guidelines set by various mobile platforms. This allows us to create absolutely stunning results for you.

In addition to Mobile Software development, we also offer contract placement and staffing services for onsite project requirements at our client's location. We also do custom software development from our facility at our client’s direction. Some of our Core Skill Sets are


Visual Basic / VB.NET



Objective C


SQL DB Programming

PHP / MySQL / Linux

Ruby on Rails (RoR)

C / C++

HTML / CSS / Javascript / AJAX

Cold Fusion


SAP Business Objects


We also have a thriving Mainframe practice, providing systems and applications programming services. We support z/VM, z/OS, AS/400 and HP Superdome platforms with a high level of expertise and many years of experience.

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